-Get laid! Dave’s 12-Step Guide to Shaving Proper-Like

12 steps to a shave smoother than Pam Beesly’s boobs.

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OG Cheerleader

-CHEERLEADERS!!! (Dave’s guide to the best sport ever: cheerleading)

Who gives a shit about cheerleading–let’s see tits.

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-Trust me, you want HEP C.

Get laid! Get fucked up! Get healthy!

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Marquees Don't Lie

-Dave’s Guide to Sin City: Vegas And Gambling Is Now Awesomer!

Stick it to the man! THE guide on how to fuck Vegas’s face and get that money shot!

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Da Bess!

-Iron Mic: Eli Porter vs. Envy, Explained.

Eli Porter, the undisputed Bess, Mayne! TRANSLATION

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